7M-GTE Idle Control Valve

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The stock idle control valve on the 7M-GTE is a uni-polar stepper motor. There are 6 wires that go into the unit, they are as follows:

Pin in picture Function Connects to Wire Color
A Step 4 MSII PIN 29 Black Stripe Red
B +12v +12v source Red Stripe Black
C Step 2 MSII PIN 31 White Stripe Green
D Step 3 MSII PIN 25 Red Stripe Blue
E +12v +12v source Red Stripe Black
F Step 1 MSII PIN 27 Yellow Stripe White



This test is running on an MSII with the MS2-Extra-2.1.0 firmware.

These are the jumpers that need to be in place to run an idle servo with the MSII on a v3.0 board.
For testing I just soldered the servo leads directly to the MegaStim board.

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