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The Stock Sensor

Here is the CAS in stock form with a few years on it. Including dry-rotted, burnt, and broken wiring.

This is the stock CAS (Cam Angle Sensor) from a Toyota 7M-GTE I6 Turbo. To use this sensor with a MegaSquirt-II I will modify it a bit.

Remove the Electronics

The same sensor with the electronics removed.
Here is all the junky electronics that were removed.

First things first, I removed all the electronics, for a better view of the mechanical side, and to gauge the condition of the wiring. As you would expect from a 10+ year old sensor, the wires are brittle, rotted, burnt, and simply not worth a crap.

Keep the 24 Tooth Sensor

This is the VR sensor for the 24 tooth wheel. This is the one that will be retained.

Here is the single VR sensor for the 24 tooth wheel that we will turn into a 24-1. As you can see the insulator on the wiring is completely shot, and will have to be cut back short and replaced.

Reuse the Weather Seal

This is the little rubber weather seal that was molded to the original wiring. After cutting along the underside with a razor the wires were peeled out.

The Weather seal isn't a bad thing to have, so I just made a cut along the bottom side parallel with the wires, and peeled the wires out. This should now be reusable, and make the whole completed product look better.

Remove the 1 Tooth Sensor

Here is the sensor after cutting the 1 tooth wheel away with a hack saw.

The one tooth wheel will not be used. It can be left intact, but will really make grinding that tooth out of the 24 tooth wheel a pain. So I just cut the shaft with a hack saw.

Grind Away a Tooth

This is the VR sensor being test fit into the housing after grinding away one tooth.

After removing the the 1 tooth wheel, it was pretty easy to grind off a tooth from the 24 tooth wheel using a Dremel with a tungsten carbide cutting bit. After the grinding I test fit the VR sensor in the housing just be sure that there were no burrs left on the wheel for the sensor to catch on.

Final Product

Completed product, with new wiring.

Finally, I replaced the old wiring with new fresh wiring, soldered it in place, covered it with shrink tube, ran it through the weather seal, and finished it up with a bit more shrink tube and electrical tape.