Megasquirt II 7MGTE

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I am documenting an MSII install for the Toyota 7M-GTE engine. This thing is certainly flexible and this is NOT the only way to do it, just my experiences....


There are various input sensors that have to be configured and tested. The majority will just be GM sensors as they seem to be the most well documented for use with the MegaSquit. Some may have to be modified.

Intake Air Temp

Engine Coolant Temp

Throttle Position

Knock Sensor

Cam Angle Sensor

Although the stock CAS can be used with the addition of another VR conditioner circuit, it just seemed easier to modify one and turn it into a 24-1 cam wheel. The modification has been documented on the Nippon Denso CAS Modification page.

MAP Sensor

The MegaSquirt-II kit comes with an on board MAP sensor that should do everything I need, and if not can be easily upgraded to the "MAP Daddy" sensor later.


As with the input, there are also outputs that need to be configured and tested. The goal here is to get up and running on as much stock electronics as possible. The ignition may be the hardest part of this, but should be doable.

Ignition Output

The original plan was to use the stock igniter because it does it's own dwell control. Unfortunately the multiplexing code hasn't quite made it to MSII-Extra yet. I may go back to this after the code makes it in, for more details see the DLI Multiplexed Igniter page.

For now the plan is going to be to directly drive the the stock coil packs with the MSII, using 3 coil drivers, this configuration is being documented on the Direct Fired Coil Packs page.

Idle Control

The Idle control valve is pretty much standard, I just couldn't find any preexisting documentation on it's configuration with MegaSquirt. I have documented my experience on the Idle Air Control page.


Fuel Pump